Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I didn’t see the standing on the corner park. I drove through town, saw a sign that directed me straight ahead, but I never saw it. I did see a sign that said ‘100% American Owned and Operated”.

What does that mean? There I am driving down Route 66 and I’ll come across a beat up motel with a sign that says ‘100% American Owned’. I don’t get it. Are there that many people who don’t want to stay at a motel if it’s owned by a foreigner that this makes good business sense? Is this just pure racism?

I would propose to the innkeeper that instead of competing with the ‘un-American’ hotel, why not join up and compete against the corporate chains that represent the real threat? ‘100% independent’ is a better way to get my business.

I didn’t take any pictures in Winslow.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Whiting Bros. Motel on Route 66

Motel sign and I40 on Route 66
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Grants, NM

Whiting Motel outside Grants NMI took some pictures of the Whiting Bros gas station outside of Grants. From the weed-filled parking lot you can see Interstate 40 pass by to the south. I’ve been thinking a lot about things that aren’t here anymore. What ever happened to Whiting Bros? For that matter, whatever happened to Stucky’s?
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