Friday, January 22, 2010

Time for Bernanke and Geithner to go


Thank you for your service and wisdom in saving the US banking system from complete and total annihilation. We are deeply grateful for your efforts,but your services in this capacity will no longer be needed.
We the people understand that the policies and policy makers that brought us out of the crisis are not the same as those required to take us where we need to go from here. We also understand that we were required to foot the bill for dragging our economy from the brink.
We never expected your friends, those wealthy bankers who profited off of trading worthless derivatives and destroying the 401Ks of millions, to pony up. Why would they when they had the gun to our heads, and stood to profit further from your policies. So it worked. Economy saved, bankers enriched, credit markets still breathing.
Now we're going to find some new policy makers that will help us heal and get us back on the path to jobs and prosperity. Nothing personal.


The Vanishing Middle Class
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